Did you know that planning and arranging a wedding can take 250+ hours, which equates to a full time job for 6 weeks on top of your already busy lives?

Planning your wedding will be one of the most exciting things you do in life! However; do you have the time or the desire to spend on the less fun aspects of planning a wedding such as ensuring you have sourced reputable suppliers at the right prices, chasing suppliers, sourcing the finest details to incorporate within your wedding, ensuring supplier payments have been made in time…

These and many other aspects of planning a wedding can take up to and above around 250 hours which is equivalent to the average job for 6 to 8 weeks. If you are a professional working long hours or a full time parent or you simply feel overwhelmed even by the simple thought of such a large scale and demanding task; here are a few ways in which a wedding planner can be of assistance:

Perfection On Your Day

Planning a wedding takes time and a wedding planner knows which suppliers will best meet your requirements at the best prices.

Budgeting Assistance

Money is the number one factor when planning a wedding. A wedding planner can assist you source the most suitably priced suppliers and will ensure you are always aware of all outstanding balance dates.

Supplier Sourcing

Locating suppliers within budget and whom are trustworthy can be time consuming and somewhat stressful. A wedding planner has a long list of reputable suppliers to suit your style, theme and budget.

An Enjoyable Wedding Planning Experience

Planning a wedding can be stressful so have a planner listen to your wishes, take on the stress and realise your dreams.


Weddings are very special occasions and everything must be just so. A wedding planner will listen to your ideas and will ensure they are brought to life. If you are unsure of what you want; a good wedding planner will be able to advice you based on your initial ideas.

Alternative Destination Weddings

Many couples like to marry abroad or outside their local area. This can add to the demands of planning a wedding. With foreign language skills; I can help with destination weddings also!

I am a 100% independent wedding planner who loves planning events. I am here to work for Bride & Groom by listening to their ideas, getting to know people within the wedding party and providing ideas, assistance and innovative or traditional suggestions to ensure your Big day is exactly what you dreamed for it to be without any stress or worries along the way or on the day its self!